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ASSUME LEASE "05 GTO" $320.00 per month

Due to my wife being pregnant the goat must go. I love the car, but it is just not suited well for rear seat access to put a baby carrier in the back seat. Here are the details below.

Torrid Red with Red Leather Interior, Automatic Trans. No scratches, dings, or window chips. Car is like new. Back seat has never been sat in. Floor mats were put down the day I took it off the lot. Tires like brand new. I am asking that the person that assumes my lease just pay the $595.00 GMAC transfer fee and its yours. I originally put down $5000 along with my GM discount to get this price, so you would be getting a heck of a deal. ($320.00 per month)

The original lease agreement was 36 month, 12,000 miles per year.
As of November 27th there is 29 months remaining. I am 1,000 miles under where I should be, so this would give you approx 1,050 miles per month.

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Dont do it MAN!

We have an almost 16 month old and getting him in the back is easy. Just found out the wife is pregnant again and we just got our goat this month. Get one of those quick release seats and getting a baby in and out is a "snap", litteraly! Luckily we kept our old seat and we have two base units so it can go in my Explorer if need be.

Unless you want to, don't get rid of it, it's not that bad with a child!

Good luck no matter what you decide. Oh, and BTW


True I got a 11 month old boy .. and I just slap him in the back in a hitched baby seat.. its pretty easy... kinda messes up the leather and the power is kinda rough with the kid in the backseat ... "cant pound it everywhere" ... but all in all its doable if you really like the car... :willy: :party:

And NO, I dont drive mountain with my kid in the car ....
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