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Posted Apr 21, 2005, 1:47 PM ET by David Thomas

GM is in the crosshairs. Not ours alone either. But since they are the big buzz these days we’re shocked that the
Fastlane Blog, GM’s outlet for getting their point across, has not addressed any of the troubles the company is facing up front. The title of Tuesday’s post was “The Sun Keeps Coming Up.” First, the Fastlane Blog hasn’t given us an “unfiltered” look at GM or its execs. This post by Lutz is just amazing in its self-promotion. Blogs do not work as promotional tools alone. Saying this is an “alternative viewpoint” is ridiculous. At least he calls the GTO’s release “tepid” which is accurate. The whole post just gives a rosy glow to every product. The only one we can say deserves it so far is the new Pontiac Solstice (the Cobalt and G6 aren’t bad either). Of course no one’s driven a Solstice yet, but hey it looks hot and promises extreme value. Does anyone else find it odd a sporty roadster will be GM’s top value vehicle?
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