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I don't know how many of my fellow GTO owners are familiar with Automobile Quarterly. It was a high quality automobile book published quarterly in hardback. Here is complete information about it :


My friend and neighbor mentioned to me that AQ did an article about the GTO in 1983 and asked if I had ever seen it. After I told him no, he offered to loan his copy to me. He inherited a very nice collection of AQ volumes from his father-in-law.

The article was very good and even offered some information that was new to me, though I have read many articles and books about our beloved GTOs through the 43 years that I have owned my 1966.

I was so impressed with the volume that I set out to purchase one. My best source was eBay and I found a ready supply of them available. I ended up purchasing all 4 books from Volume 21. I'm sure that I will be purchasing more as time allows.

If you have access to one, do yourself a favor and check it out!


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