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I've been working too many hours lately to really find the time to perform the maintenance on my Holden...but finding a reputable shop is a b1tch. Through a series of happy circumstances, I did finally find a good shop here in the Glendale / Burbank area-- and the place happens to be legendary: Guldstrand Motorsport. http://www.corvettethunder.com

This place is amazing- Corvettes of every era wherever you look. Dick Guldstrand is a hell of a nice guy, and a legend in Vette circles.

They were extremely stoked to see a pair of GTOs show up!

They did an awesome job on reinstalling the B&M...smooooooooth now and no longer leaky. Screw B&M- their marketing group is way ahead of their engineering. I don't feel bad about not being able to get the two forward bolts out of the tranny adapter myself-- they had to drop the transmissipn to do it. Those asses at the dealership way overtorqued those bolts after transmission #1 grenaded. But now- it's like buttah.

Also did a 50k mile service--- switched brake fluid to synthetic Motul, had Redline Synthetic clutch fluid put in, had the OEM plug wires swapped for the Taylor 10.4s and the NGK plugs gapped and installed. Again- I don't feel so bad about having trouble w/ the OEM sparkplug wires-- the mechanic said it was a b1tch to get off!

Gonna take our Holdens back next week to do the big suspension revamp- Guldstrand is very interested in getting into the GTO suspension market, and I don't mind be a lab monkey for whatever they come up with!
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