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Lacking the time and proper tools like a decent pump (I prefer not to wear synthetic tranny fluid) I had RP Synchromax put into the tranny last week by a BMW mechanic I've known for years and trust..my Holden was the first non-Bimmer he's had in his shop! While he had the Goat on the lift, he pointed out where the gasket under my B&M Shifter install was torn and leaking fluid. I've just received the Update Kit from B&M so...guess what I'm gonna do this a.m.?

Also- when he drained the tranny and pumped in the RP...I unfortunately forgot that the capacity is 4.6 qts and must be topped off via the b/u switch....so the tranny was underfilled...about 0.6 qt low. So...I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and just top the tranny off from the top while I have it all open anyway for the Update install...less messy that trying to squeeze through the b/u switch, I figure.

I know I was I was short 0.6qt but the tranny has been leaking for the past week, so i am clueless as to how much have I actually lost.

My question is-- Is there a way to ensure that the tranny is filled to the proper level from the top? Is the only safe/sure way to buy more RP, drain the whole damned thing, and just refill it with the 4.6qt?
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