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Sorry I've been away from the boards for a while. The shop took off a little quicker than we were prepared for, and we've been juggling the work and sales with customers, which has had us in the shop until 2am at least for months straight. This left me no time to keep up with the forums, but that's over. I finally found another tech that I would trust with my cars, so I can dedicate my time to the showroom and sales. To celebrate my newfound freedom, let's have another Pypes Group Buy!!

Group buys work better with structure, so here's the rules:

I need at least 5 commitments before it's good to go.

This will go until July 15th, so that will give everyone a little bit of time to get the funds together.

Once I get the 5 commitments, I will start shipping. By commitments, I need your order in, and payment info. These will most likely be shipping directly from the manufacturer, I don't have room to keep much in stock in the store right now.

I'll need payment information to confirm your order. Your card will not be charged until the order goes to Pypes, unless you want the card charged immediately for your accounting purposes.

One I get the minimum 5 Commitments, orders will ship, any additional group buys will ship immediately, if the kits are in stock. If not in stock, they will ship once they are made.

Please PM me for pricing, include your car info, headers or stock manifolds, tip exit and any options that you want. If you look at the Pypes site to see exactly which kit you need it'll make it a little easier on me, but you don't have to!

And lastly, a huge thank-you to all the guys that participated in the last Group Buy!! Lets see pics or video of those systems installed!!
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