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dont feel bad Jim, lots of refugees over here from py.

bi man is the worst of the lot. tried to commit a bit of fraud, in my opinion, befor he became a moderator. right before he became a moderator all our correspondence started being edited then disapeared compleatly. go figure. also he posted some pornographic pictures and disrespected veterans. He became a moderator and i got banned. couple of fraudsters still trolling around over there including some lout from tucson who i contracted to do machine work on my 428. lost my crank shaft and 1500 dollars. I simply asked another victim of this clown to pm me and it got edited out. hes still on there i became critical of some clowns giving bad and unsafe advice, and they banned me and some poor sap who had a 55 2dr wagon. claimed we were the same person.

have been in pontiacs since the 70s. owned 49 to 54s, 55and 57s and 64 through 70, birds, a bodies and full size. what? i have nothing to contribute. thier loss. CCASS is bad for Ames buisness, he ran his own company into the ground, sold it to AMES. and now ruins that forum since it moved over to Ames. He should have bowed out gracefully at that point but is still the puppet master over there. I spent 1000s at Ames. now.... not a penny. Ames ought to be boycotted untill these tools go away. pure economics. covid will force thier hand.

dont feel bad Jim. alot of us have been banned, my last time I got banned. I simply lemented the fact that Ames does not sell exhuast parts for those of us who have an origonal car with single exhuast. they sell pairs of everything for duel exaust, rude remarks from other members were permitted. but i got banned. i am back there under 3 other names. lets see who they ban in the next witch hunt.

thier loss. dont feel bad,
41 - 46 of 46 Posts