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cat1055man said:
I put my stock '05 GTO M6 on the dyno today at Doug Rippie Motorsports. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the results. The first pull was 326HP/335TQ. Doug did say his dyno is conservative usually about 5hp lower than other dynos. I see other guys in this forum reporting 340-350 hp. bone stock. My car has 3200 miles now and should be broken in by now. Anyone else getting numbers this low?
The second pull was horrible @ 300hp, but the engine was heat soaked and timing pulled back to 15deg. coolant at 225+, hood down, no fan
My next step is to get a tune and go to the same dyno to see what improvement I actually realize. Another '05 GTO stock gained 20hp with tune only. I am in the process of getting a new spare PCM so I can keep the original on the shelf in case of warranty trips to dealer.:cheers

I dynoed Mine on a Dynojet at MTI in Houston today. I have K&N drop in filter, removed MAF screen and Diablo tune and ran 353.7HP and 346.6TQ at the rear wheels. I was't that impressed. After you convert it to engine HP and TQ, It was 401.93HP and 393.86TQ at the motor. GM states Stock 400 HP.
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