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Hello Washington D.C. area.

I'm new to this board, but have been on another board for some time. We have been trying to get a BBQ together at the end of this month. The 29th of July to be exact.

We have about 18-20 member's signing on so far, and would like to see if we can get a few more to show up. Like I said before I'm new to this forum, so I know a new post by someone who only has 2 I think might not go over very well.

So, if you like to check out my story just drop into LS1GTO.com and look under "Mid-Atlantic" and you will see the post for this BBQ. All we ask is if you bring something along with to share.


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This event is open to all in the surrounding area, so far over 20 GTO owners (and some spouses and kids) havce signed up to attend this informal day at the park. Its on the banks of the Potomac River, and a nice time to be had for all.

If you are wondering what to do this weekend come on out and meet other GTO owners who enjoy their cars and meeting others.

Oh, and bring a chair and bring a dish.
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