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Hello everyone my name is Juan. (new to the forum):seeya:

Im trying to go on as many car forums as possible to see how many people I can get to meet up @ huntington beach. March 2nd 2008 11am @ the huntington beach parkinglot off Beach blvd. and PCH

I think it would be a great Idea. The only catch is the $10 parking fee or whatever it cost. Im just letting you guys know in advance. So if you guys would like I know many of you are memebers on other forums please try & repost this or see if any1 else is intrested(please let me know if you repost this & give me a rough estimate of how many people are going thanx). Hope to see all you there! :party:

E-mail me @ [email protected] to keep me posted thanx!

Heres a few other forums that I've posted on.

orange county horsepower

svt performance

sti forums

evo forums

rx 8 & 7 forums

Ls1 tech forums

Supra forums
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