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Bigkid/ Truckdrivn man /05 GTO/6sp

:cheers Whahoo I made it to the newbee intro page.
Hello to all on the GTO forum, I hope that we can all have a little fun along the way.
I took an 05 GTO for a ride at the local dealer and I was hooked.
It's like being reborn again. This is not the first GTO But the 2nd one.
The first one was a 1970 455 4sp, I got when I came back from the NAM,
it got sold along the way after I scatered the big blocks Inards all over the road, this was before they had revlimiters.
The 05 is impulse blue real nice color, I already put on a corsa sport exhaust and a AEM cold air intake and cags eliminator.
only have 4500 miles on her.
She digs in pretty good off the line and gets a little sideways in 2nd and 3rd
then starts grabbin pretty good by 4th your rolling a way over a 100 mph
The harder I run her the better she goes.. must be the computer taking inall the info.
The rear end shutters like shes trying to grab mostly in 1st and 2nd,
the rear springs aren't stiff enough, got to fix that, need the get that power to the ground.

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Welcome! I know what you mean. These cars are something else. I've had mine for about six weeks. And what about that exaust sound! I think the best sound is when you hit the gas pedal in fourth after coming out of third at about 4000 rpm's . Have to smile everytime!
Ok , thats all , :cheers
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