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I was out yesterday and was going to post this then, but I got distracted.

I was heading into Orlando and we have a connector that goes from rt 441 to the Turnpike. I was heading down 441 and this group of 3 bikes were playing with each other. I'm not very good with bikes, I can tell you one was a Ducati, one was an R1 and the third I'm not sure.

We get to the connector and I had kicked it a bit a couple times before, but this was where I needed to make my move. It goes from a tight right turn onto the highway into a sweeping uphill lefthander. No place for there to be a cop, good line of sight for traffic, which there wasn't any. We all took the entrance at about 40. They got into it and I jumped on it at about the same time. From 40 till 140-150 ish, the R1 put about 6-7 cars on me. The blue bike that I'm not sure what it was held almost even with me, maybe opening a half a car length between 70-100. The Ducati held even till about 80, lost a car length by 120 and was just slowly dropping after that, but very little.

I'm sure from a dig they would have all killed me, but it was great fun to hit the sweet spot of the C6 and run with them. At a toll plaza down the road where we all caught up they gave me a thumbs up and head nods, and I returned the gestures.
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