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How many of ya'll are aware of the "Blood Moon" that will be visible tonight ? There is lots of info about it online. From what I've read, it is a complete eclipse, of a full harvest moon. I think the last one was in 1982, and the next one will be 2033.

These Blood Moons have spiritual significance. There has been a lot said on the subject, in recent months.

Here's just one of the many sites which has basic info on this rare occurrence.


We have heavy cloud cover here right now. So, unless it lifts, we won't see a thing. :nonod:

The full Harvest Moon was beautiful here, last night. :)

I can remember back many years ago to when I witnessed a Solar eclipse. I'd driven about 40 miles away, to West Monroe, LA. When I pulled into the Lowe's parking lot, I noticed a weird light, instead of the bright sunshine there was, when I'd left home. It's hard for me to explain it. To me, weird, is what best describes it. It was not like when it's just cloudy. It made enuff of an impression on me, so that I can remember exactly where I was. And I'm sure there are a LOT of things from that time period that I don't remember.

Anyhow, ya'll watch, if you can. You'll be witnessing part of history. Won't happen again til 2033. :)
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