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What kind of difference could I expect by replacing my factory Strut Tower Brace with one of these stronger applications? Is the feel very noticeable? Harsh?


That is agood question. I really do not know the answer. My guess would be that you would not feel any difference unles your car gets heavily modified to handle significant loads of HP and driven in autoroad mode racing where your car must handle heavy lateral G forces and heavy breaking is needed to go deep into curves, sustain stability and straighten up again being able to accelerate earlier off the turn. BMR also makes side chasis stabilizers to keep the car in one piece at such extremes. You paln doing that type of driving you might as well get their drive shaft cover to ensure you survive if the drive shat should fail you and drop off. You can get roll bars from GRAVANA in case you roll over. Don't forget your racing helmet, which has to be open face if you decide to keep your airbag. G Force makes some decent helmets and racing suits, gloves and shoes at affordable prices.

If all of that sounds like it is too much for you then you need not replace you strut brace bar.
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