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Something for you guys to watch out for - when this goes - all you hear is a low volume high pitched sound. Almost inaudible - can only hear it in the cabin with the radio off & windows up.

Problem is this is a vacum leak and will push your fuel trims all out of wack.

Happened to me a few days ago. I just barely noticed it & the tech even had a hard time hearing it. Found the cause using a stethascope (sp). Brakes were okay. The new TSB's put together by JMVorbek lists it as white noise.

It leans the crap out of the trims - I put my Preditor unit on to look at the car and the LTF's went from normal -3.91 to +7.81 @ 65mph. Not good.

Car is going back in Wednesday to get a new unit put in.
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