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On the LS1GTO forum, someone noticed that the photo on Pontiac's website of the brake and clutch pedals on the 2005 models had the pedals mounted opposite of his 2004

My 2004 also had the pedal covers mounted differently from the photo of the 2005 on Pontiac's website. I can see why they changed them on the 2005's as on the 2004's, the angle is at the top of the pedal cover which would make it harder to heel and toe as this increases the distance from the accelerator pedal to the top of the brake pedal.

I decided to switch them. Getting the brake pedal cover off was easy as you simply get your finger under the rubber on one side to release it and off comes the pedal cover. On the backside of the pedal cover, it is marked "TOP" at the angle end of the pedal cover so they were installed correctly.

Getting the pedal cover back on was a bear. Initially, I tried to mount the bottom part of the pedal cover first and then work my way around the rubber with a small screwdriver. Did not work!

After I mounted the top part of the pedal first, I was finally able to work the rubber all the way around by sticking the screwdriver in between the pedal cover and the pedal and pulling down on the rubber while firmly holding the pedal on at the top so it would not slip off. It took me quite awhile to get in remounted. In fact, it took so long, I decided to change the clutch pedal cover at another time. Besides, other than cosmetically, it does not make any difference how the clutch pedal cover is mounted.

Now it was time for a test drive. It is definitely easier to heel and toe with the pedal cover reversed. Placing the ball of my foot on the top right corner of the brake pedal now made blipping the throttle much easier. Much better.

I have pics at: http://www.tanglewoodbrushstrokes.c...600_classic.htm

Here is the URL for the Pontiac web site photo of the pedals: http://www.pontiac.com/gto/gallery....e=models_prices
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