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The mopar nationals were at National Trail Raceway last weekend and they cruise Brice Road in Reynoldsburg every year after they leave the track.It has gone to a new level with concessions and such a huge turnout to watch the cars cruise apx 1/2 mile turn around and do it again.They pour water and bleach on the roads and beg for burnouts.The get there fill from anything that can do it.The Police do very little to stop this and I also saw t shirts with something about Brice Rd burnouts.Before dark you see all brands except ricers but after dark and the suds kick in if you dont have a Mopar its time to park and watch they used to throw eggs and things at the other brands.I saw a yellow jacket like mine and a red GTO before dark.Its a good time for gearheads.:party:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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