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Yes, if you ran 12 volts directly to the "+" side of the coil, you have burned the points and toasted the condenser - the coil should be fine. The voltage running from the ignition switch to the "+" side of the coil runs through a resistor wire that drops the voltage down to about 7 volts to keep from frying the parts. You'll need to replace your points and condenser. Recommend you use NAPA part number CS786 and RR175 - these are excellent quality parts that will operate smoothly beyond the rpm limits of the engine. Set point gap to .016" initially, and then set dwell to 30-31 degrees after start-up. You can run a jumper wire to the coil, but buy a ballast resistor from NAPA and install it between the battery jumper wire and the coil before you hook it up.
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