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I just drove my 65' on the CC road trip this last weekend (400 mile round trip). The magazine staff hosts a day at Los Angeles County Raceway here in So Cal. After the racing, everyone caravans up the coast to San Luis Obispo for a local car show the next day.
The track is located in the high desert at around 2800 ft. elevation, and the temp was in the high 90's to around 100. After a 200 mile drive, we changed from the drag radials to the Hoosier DOTs, threw in a fresh set of plugs, made a jet change and went for it.
The best motor pass was a 11.69 @ 114 and then I ran a string of three nitrous passes, [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] (bottle went empty on last pass). This is with a 3850 race weight, full interior, and full exhaust system. I am anxious to see what the car will do at a sea level track.
Jeff Smith, editor of CC, was taking pictures right at the starting line. He said he would be able to email some of the photos. I will try and post some of them when I can. I was told that there was around 5" of daylight under both front tires! Hopefully the pictures will back that up. Magazine coverage should be out in a few months.
Anyone in the southern California area should really consider attending next year.

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