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I was on my way back from the airport. I got to a traffic light a block away from the entrance to 99. A Mini Cooper non-S came up behind me and at the last minute decided he didn't want to be stuck behind a slow Cavalier. I wasn't sure but guessed he wanted to beat me to the freeway.

We launched pretty equal and I steadily opened up a car length on him by the freeway entrance. I ended up braking real late for the freeway entrance and he dove behind me. Definately way outcornered me. He tried to pass me on the entrance ramp. He tried in the area where there are the 2 lanes merging, the one from the right that we started out in and the left lane from the opposing direction. Not really 2 lanes, just a wide merge area. He had maybe 300' to make this pass. Didn't happen again, I quickly was able to stop his pull on me from the higher cornering speed he had.

I accelerated up the entrance ramp and opened 4 cars on him by the time I got to the end of the ramp. I was up to about 80 there. I eased off to let him go by and was going to slow down to 70 or so, but he stayed behind me and came right up almost touching my bumper. I couldn't see his hood, just his windshield from how close he was.

I completely eased off the gas, rather slowly too so he wouldn't rear end me. I saw him start to move left and I snapped. I decided he wasn't going to get around me in his chick car. I banged 3rd and mashed the gas. Topped out 3rd hit fourth and I ran up to about 100, at which point I had 6-8 cars on him, when it hit me. I've got a rev limiter and he doesn't. Common sense took over and I bolted off the the exit that I was just about to pass and watched him flash by. It took all I had brake wise to slow to a safe speed for the exit. I then U-turned on that road and went right back onto the freeway to head home.

I figured if I had stayed on the freeway he might mess with me, by pulling in front and jamming on the brakes or something stupid like that. Wish I didn't have that darn limiter, it would have been nice to run up to a buck 30 and watch him fall back like crazy then.

Silly boy, if it isn't a Mini Cooper S it's just a cute litlle economy car.
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