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Well, birthday, actually....

So my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday this year and I told her that it was easy......I just wanted the PHS docs for my car. Well that's what I did. Was expecting 4-5 weeks, but was pleasantly surprised when they showed up while I was gone on the road for work this week. I am like a kid pouring over these things.

I may need some help decoding what I'm seeing - mostly that I don't see a dealer listed. Would love to know the history of the car - just for my own info, not that I am going to do anything with it - would just like to know.

So this is what I can tell so far....

2dr hardtop
Bluemist Slate
Blue Interior
Built in Pontiac
335hp 389, 4spd wide ratio M20
3.23 gears
Manual Antenna and pushbutton radio
Windshield washer and dual spd wipers
Deluxe Wheel Discs (code 46-2)
Back Up Lamps
Power Steering
Custom Sports Steering Wheel
Seat Belts
7.75x14 White tires

I show a Charge To Code 16011 but no Ship To Dlr code beside it.

Would it help if I posted a pic of the Billing Sheet?

School me....

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Well thanks to Jim and the fine folks at PHS, they were able to help me over the phone.
My car was delivered to Attaway-Easterlin Pontiac - the same city it was purchased in in 1988 and where it has stayed ever since.
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