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My '66 GTO is finally painted (base coat) Blue Charcoal.

The paint guy just called me to see if I could go in and see the color before he clears it. When I first met the paint guy a year ago, I gave him a quart of Blue Charcoal some other person had mixed together. The paint guy used that color on the jambs.

Now he is saying the color he has recently mixed himself, to shoot the rest of the car, looks slightly different than the quart I brought him a year ago. He thinks the current mix looks more blue and not enough charcoal.

Here are the codes I gave him to run against his Spies-Hecker system-

GM Code WA3300
Ditzler PPG 32448
DuPont 4622L
Dulux (DuPont) 181-97211
Acme Rogers 9659
Sherwin Williams 9519
Lucite 4622L

He will call his tech support tomorrow to be sure his mix was correct.

My question is - How am I going to make a decision on the paint when I see it? I haven't seen the color on any other car, other than internet pictures.

If I like the color, do I just go with it? What if it is off, and I run into other Blue Charcoal cars later on and mine looks too different?

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I'd be a little skeptical about all the paint codes matching each other in the first place. Can your body (paint) guy take a picture of the blue charcoal paint you are trying to accomplish and compute it into the formula you are asking for? My body man can take a picture, (has a little camera of sorts, about 6" x 6"), which delivers a final product formula of all the paints, metallics, pearls, etc. that he needs to use or mix along with exact amounts when he wants to come up with a certain matched color. I watched him do it. He lays his little camera on my color, takes about 3-4 pics and the camera or should I say the built in calculator determines the average of the pics taken, which gives him an almost exact color to use. It turned out so close, you can't tell the difference with the naked eye. I think his paint is supplied by DuPont. He needed a 4" or 6" piece of painted material to start with and we were in business. Maybe he knows someone or one of his colleges that might be able to do this.
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