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My son and I finally got to take our cars cruising together.

I just spent the last week and a half moving my oldest son home from college in Ohio back to sunny Southern California. We towed his 69 Chevelle behind the U Haul. Dodged most of the storms, but ran smack into a huge hail storm in New Mexico. I immediately stopped and we put the car cover on, then drove about 25 MPH until we were out of the hail. Luckily no hail damage!!

We got home late Thursday night. Unloaded the chevelle and got it cleaned up just in time to take it and my Goat down to Cruisin Grand on Friday night. This was the first time we both had cars to take cruising. I just bought my Goat last year and haven't had a muscle car in a long time. We started building his chevelle when he was 14 and had it finished just before he started his Junior year of high school.

If anyone lives in SOCAL, you have to check out Cruisin Grand in Escondido CA. It is getting to be the best and largest cruising scenes/shows in the US. Just type it into yahoo.

Here's a couple pics of our cars. He just got the tires and wheels on his chevelle for graduation. I told him I want to put them on my Goat just to go cruising for one night and to get a few pictures taken. He doesn't seem to keen on the idea!!



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