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Back in the day ('71/'72) my dad had a GTO, which he later sold. He said it was a '69 hardtop with an automatic, but couldn't remember what kind of engine it had. We know it had the tach on the hood, but that's about it. Does that give any clues as to what size engine it could have had?


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In 69 Pontiac produced 7 400 engines for the GTO line. 3 were used for the manual transmissions. The following were used for automatics;

XP engine code had 370 hp, Ram-air IV and 759 were produced
XX engine code had 265 hp, economy model and 1,461 were produced.
YS engine code had 350 hp, standard model and 61,576 were produced.
YZ engine code had 366 hp, Ram-air III and 8,491 were produced.

More than likely your dad's engine code was YS.
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