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I ordered an alcohol injection kit from Devils Own to use on my turbo GTO. They told me my kit would ship right away and they are only 3 days away via UPS. The kit took 15 days to arrive. When I inquried about how long it took to get it, these gave me some line about shipping it to the wrong address. I know it was BS, because they didn't charge my card until after I got it.

Well, I am in the process of installing this kit, and I find that they sent me an incomplete kit. GREAT!! I have my car torn apart (front bumper cover off ETC) and cannot complete the installation!!! I also have a tune scheduled for Wednesday, and only have time today to complete this install.

Devil's own has IM support listed on their website, AOL IM "Rocket4681" It shows they are online, but I am getting ignored. What a top notch company!!

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