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What year do you have again? Mine is an '06, and the amp is on the left side (driver's side).

Here's something I posted in a thread below:

ShoddyHog said:
Here's where to find the amp on an '06. You will have to reach around on the outboard side (against the fender) and feel for the front of the amp. The knob feels a bit flat. If you have the stereo on like the others said, you will be able to tell which way to turn it, but you would need to turn the top of the knob to the outboard side. You can also see my first mod...the non-skid pad in the trunk was about $12 at K-Mart. Put a 12-pack of long-neck Buds in the trunk and try to drive home. You'll see why I got it :cheers

Here, you can see the aft portion of the amp...nice to know there's a 10 amp fuse back there too. It could save someone a trip to the dealer for something small. Hell, I doubt most dealers even know the amp is back there.

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