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Just got a ATOTO A6 double din head unit and I went to install it, realised I forgot to get an adapter for the plugs but then as soon as I took the not working stock radio I found all the wires cut. Should I try figuring out how to just connect the new double din radios wires to the cut wires or should I go to an audio shop and get them to figure out how to install it for me?
Or should I just try getting the factory radios plug wired back up.

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Since the connector has been cut off, you could just wire directly to the new radio harness.
Here are pics and info that will help you. Not that bad of a job.

Circuit component Gesture Rectangle Font Parallel

2004-2005 Pontiac GTO

28 Pin Connector behind radio (Front View of Female Connector):

C19-C16-C13-----C10-C7----C4-C1 <<< Only has male pins in 7, 8, 11, 12, and 14 (#14 No Connection)
B8-B6-B4-B2 CLIP
---------------- <<< Has all 16 male pins and all are used
A7-A5-A3-A1 CLIP

Back View of Female Connector (Wire Side) also Radio Male Connector Front View:
B2-B4-B6-B8 CLIP
A1-A3-A5-A7 CLIP

Pin - Wire Color - Function

A1 -GRN/WHT - UART Serial Data - Secondary
A2 - ORG/BLK - Battery Positive Voltage (Radio/Cell Phone Fuse 15a) (A7) B+ Hot all time
A3 - YEL/BLK - Cellular Telephone Connector Mute Signal
A4 - YEL - Accessory Voltage (Radio/Cell Phone Fuse 7.5a) Switched IGN+
A5 - YEL/RED - Radio On Signal (Output B+ to Antenna and BCM)
A6 - BRN/WHT - Instrument Panel Lamp Fuse Supply Voltage (Inst Illum Fuse 7.5a)
A7 - ORG/BLK - Battery Positive Voltage (Radio/Cell Phone Fuse 15a) (A2) B+ Hot all time
A8 - BLK/WHT - Ground (G200 Gnd)
B1 - BLU/ORG - Right Rear Speaker Output (+) (Sub Amp)
B2 - BLU/BLK - Right Rear Speaker Output (-) (Sub Amp)
B3 - LtGN - Right Front Speaker Output (+)
B4 - GRN - Right Front Speaker Output (-)
B5 - TAN - Left Front Speaker Output (+)
B6 - GRY - Left Front Speaker Output (-)
B7 - BRN/BLK - Left Rear Speaker Output (+) (Sub Amp)
B8 - YEL/BLU - Left Rear Speaker Output (-) (Sub Amp)
C1-C6 - Not Used (No Male Pins)
C7 - BLU/BLK - Cellular Microphone Signal (Cellular Telephone Connector) (TEL AF+)
C8 - BLU - Audio Return Signal (Cellular Telephone Connector) (TEL AF-)
C9-C10 - Not Used (No Male Pins)
C11 - BRN - Steering Wheel Controls Signal (STEERING REM)
C12 - BLK/YEL - Ground (Steering Wheel Controls Signal) (REM GND)
C13-C20 - Not Used (#14 has Male Pin - Not Used)



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