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Custom, dual quad intake manifold with 2 new Holley 6299-1 (390 cfm) carbs (total airflow 780 cfm). This manifold is based on a vintage Offenhauser dual quad manifold for the late-model (1965 – 1979) GTO cylinder head bolt pattern. It features a separated water crossover so the manifold can be removed without draining the cooling system. The exhaust heat crossover has been removed, and the manifold is provided with professionally fabricated blockoff plates for the head passages. All parts are either new or completely refinished to like-new condition. Would be cool for a street-machine GTO with aftermarket hood/hood scoop. Price compare to the Edelbrock dual quad systems being sold for Small Block Chevy with AFB carbs for $1300… Asking $1200 plus shipping.

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do you think it will fit under a flat hood on a 66
I don't know, but I will tell you that I have a different dual quad manidofld (P65) with edelbrock carburetors. I have phenolic spacers under each carb and it barely clears the stock hood on my 65. What you are looking at here is totally different components, and looks taller the the P65 set up. Also, his description states "aftermarket hood/hood scoop." Hopefully Lars or someone else can give you some height measurements on this unit with the H carbs to see if it might work for your car. Maybe send him an email directly at the address he provides above. I have found him to be quick to respond to emails.

I hope it works out well for you.
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