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Endura Delete

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What do you guys think of the endura delete goats? I'm seriously thinking about putting the stock Lemans bumper back on my car? This plastic repo doesn't fit worth a crap and I think it may look great with all the chrome under the hood and the Crager wheels for show. This car is a cloned Lemans anyway, so why not? I've seen some pic's of a few endura delete show cars that look great, I'd like some other opinions. The GTO's that were endura delete had the stock Lemans bumpers, right?
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This picture was taken sometime in late 1968 or early '69.
It was an old friend's Dad's car bought new here in Virginia Beach.
Said to be a RA 4spd. But he wasn't totally positive,
but one thing for sure was the old man hated "those new rubber bumpers" 😆

The seagull's timing was perfect :)

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