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Engine Bay Black Paint Color

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65 GTO needing some quick engine bay detail for local car show, Don't have allot of money or time to spend but looking for correct color paint for engine bay touch up. Attempted radiator shroud and found it too flat black. Color in front of shroud should be correct color. Anyone know what is correct or close to it to get a whores bath detail job? Aside from obvious, any other ideas are welcome.
Many thanks..


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Someone more into original stuff can fine tune my estimate but I believe there are nine different levels of black gloss originally used under the hood. Pontiac listed them as 60% gloss, 80% gloss, and so on with the higher percentage going towards a higher gloss finish. Someone, somewhere, has a list but I don't.

My favorite go-to spray can is also the Rust-oleum satin. It's a pretty much one-size-fits-all approach. Then I'll go back and take things like the finger guard, air cleaner base, and a few other things and make them a higher gloss just so the whole engine bay doesn't disappear into a black mist. A higher gloss stays cleaner but also must be cleaned more often to look good so rather a push, and personally I find high gloss inner fenders or radiator supports a distraction.
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While I agree 052's percentages are spot on, Rust-oleum doesn't seem to play by the same rules and I would say Rust-oleum satin is as shiny as semi-gloss. I'd say this is closer to the 60% mark:
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