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Trying to locate a photo online of a door jamb decal of the recommended factory tire pressures for the original bias-ply tires on a '70 GTO. I bought this car with F70-15 Firestone Wide Oval reproductions on it and would like to know what the original recommended pressure was.

Searched the forums and found nothing on this exact topic. I have seen several '70 Chevelle door jamb decals that show 26psi cold front/rear, and since that car weighs about the same (~3700lbs) and F70-15s were available on those cars, is it fair to assume 26psi is the right number? The sidewalls on my F70-15s say 'max pressure 32psi' and the Chevelle decal does show "26psi cold / 32psi hot"...

Thanks in advance!

in Las Vegas
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