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Well.....I finally did it.....bought a GTO. I've had a Grand Prix GTP for a few years now....and still love the thing. Great car.....good power at 12 psi and very trouble free still at 120,000 miles! But.....being a Corvette guy....when the GTO's came out I figured I'd get one soon.....and I joined Troy's new venture into GTO land immediately. Well.....it's been about a year and a half now, and I finally made good on it!

I just bought an '04......still gotta be transferred to my location....could take a couple of weeks.....but the car is MINE!

Torch Red (or is it Torrid too? Whatever it is, it matches the vette ) with the Torrid Red interior package, 6 Speed, 3.46 gears, FE2 and FE9 suspension....14,000 miles.

I'm moving up from my '00 GTP (12 psi of boost....:cool ) to the GTO for my daily driver. I'm a nitrous junky, so I'll be hitting this bad boy with a 100 shot right off the bat. Should make for a very fun daily driver....
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