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Heheheheee... :D

No speeding ticket yet....but I've just completed the first FCF (Functional Check Flight for The Great Unwashed) on this puppy during my commute this a.m.


The climb out of Bakersfield through the Tehachapi Mountains is a steep one, climbing from just above seal level to 4000' in ~20 miles or so. The GTO will climb the hill easily at 115 mph in 6th gear....it will definitely go much faster than that but I decided to back off before I ran out of talent or luck. Suffice to say that passing on the hill will be no sweat at all. It sticks to the many curves like Dan Rather to a forged document.

What an incredible grin machine. :cool

Planning on taking pix of the GTO posed with some of our aircraft later...

Awesome...simply awesome.
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