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Fog light MOD??

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[[/B]ok i got this from the ls1gto site.... it reads................

Driving light cheap mod

Ok, since I was under the car giving her the maiden oil change Saturday afternoon, I was playing with stuff underneath the car. I started playing with the driving lights and popped the bulb out.

It is a 9040 bulb. The 9040 has a metal painted tip so as to defract direct light to eliminate blinding. Similar to a low beam 9006 headlight capsule. So I go to CMNT’s lighting vault (one drawer in one of my roller cabinets solely for bulbs) and I started playing around with what I had in stock. I found a spare set of PIAA 9006 HB3 (low beam bulbs). They were the same exact base, same exact everything, except for one thing, it is a slight bit longer of a bulb than the 9040. So I tried fitting it in the housing. Very, very close, but that added length of the bulb hits the deflector inside the housing itself. So back to the drawing board I go. I found a high beam 9005 HB3 bulb. IT’S ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL! Except it doesn’t have the added metal painted tip to defract light. I popped it in connected everything, and it works like a charm. Now it has one less deflection in the light housing. It looked to lay out a little more light outright too (seeing as though it was a 60w high beam bulb vs. the 9040’s 40w output).

So for a cheap, free (well almost free anyway) lighting mod, you can try this.

Once again, it’s a 9005 HB3 bulb

Do you guys think a 100w would totally melt the housing???/
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