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Ok fellas, Fort Story will be hosting it's first car show on June 1st 2012. From the looks of it, this is going to be a killer show. But it's not going to be possible without you guys. I have coordinated with the Sergeant Major and the battalion XO, There will be trophys for 1-3 place and Best in show, as well as dash plaques for everyone who attends. We have a live band coming in, don't know their names yet, more to follow there. Registration will begin at 0930 on June 1st 2012. The show will be held at the car wash on post. I need a definite list of who is coming so I can turn it into the provost Marshall, that way there is no vehicle search. There will be plenty of burgers, hot dogs and drinks, so please bring your family with you. You can check out the cars, the Cape Henry lighthouse, the post, and the beach!


This is a family event, please dress accordingly. ( no booty shorts, midriffs, slanderous / racist shirts, stuff like that)

Guys, I know some of you have some badass machines, feel free to rev all you want, but no racing, that sort of thing.

NO PETS: LTC doesn't want em. Sorry


SPREAD THE WORD The more people I can get into this thing, the better our chances are of doing it again.

BRING SNACKS AND DRINKS, it's supposed to be hot.

More details to follow, and any questions, comments, concerns, please message or drop a text. 757-282-8586
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