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ramairws6 said:
man cut the crap what next breakfast with freddie??????

If you don't like the freebies then don't click on my links.

After looking @ the first page in this section if not for my [Freebie] threads this board would be dead!

If you have something useful to contribute then I'm all ears, if not, please leave my threads alone.


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I Promise Never To Enter Your Precious Coupon Trader Again
Can Hardly Wait Till You Start Getting Loads Of Unsolicited
Trash Mailers When Your Names And Adresses Are Sold ! May As
Well Give Out Passwords,and Bank Accounts! You Can Play With
Give Aways Ill Stick To Tech Articles Sorry I Scrolled Into
Coupon Land dont get your bvds in a wad .
by the way this is an open forum, im entitled to my opinion
so go start a tight wad freebie forum and ill stay clear of it cupcake!
your dismissed.
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