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So this weekend (well starting Thursday night) was AWESOME as far as racing goes. Of course this is all completely fabricated because racing on public highways is illegal, dangerous and all that other hippy talk. :lol:

So Thursday night, a friend of mine with an '05 Mustang with longtubes, O/R X, cat back (not sure of the brands), CAI, shifter, and tune decides its time to tangle with the GTO. We made 4 runs, 3 clean ones, all from 45mph. First run, I jumped him a little, but not bad. Then through 2nd I pulled about a car and a half on him, chirp 3rd, and then he hung a few feet behind my bumper until 130. Second race I felt bad for jumping him so I let him get the jump, and I ended up one car behind at 130. Then on the way back we got 2 more runs, I won both, just the same as race 1. (The official count was 2-1, I didn't count when I jumped him, just cause.)

So Friday night. I am back home from school, and go to hang out with some of my friends from home. First an 05 Silverado with an STS kit with water meth, on 10psi, 480whp. Same outcome as the Mustang, me 3 truck 0, all by about a car to car and a half, but HE worried me a couple times, he'd start pulling up about 80, but then shift to third and fall way back.

Next SRT-4 and Heads/Cam auto LS1. SRT has water/meth, bigger intercooler, stage one mopar computer, and maxed out turbo, he beat me pretty good... just pulled away haha. Then I raced the H/C Camaro, he only beat me by about 2 cars to 120, but his exhaust had gotten crushed almost flat so he is only making 390whp.

Then Saturday night my friend and I went out to take some pictures of the GTO and his Procharged '03 Z06. On the way back to my house we saw a "ricer meet" and pulled in. There was one '98 LS1 there (T56) and we talked a little. We tried a little run when we left, but I missed 2nd haha. So we went out to the middle of nowhere to a 1 way road for a 30 roll. 1st gear we both spun a little, hit second and both out rear ends wiggled a little, and then in 2nd I pulled one car, 3rd gear, another half car, then 4th and ANOTHER half car to about 120 and we let out.

I have some video of the truck race but that is it.
All of these races were at about a half tank with a friend riding and everyone I raced was alone. The Mustang race I had a 200lb black man in the passenger seat too. The others were with my friend Ben (140lbs) in the passenger seat. Great times, and remember, this was all just make believe. Street racing is bad kids!!

Oh, and as soon as the vid is availible I'll post it up. That truck sounds SWEET!! Makes me want an STS for MY truck. Ben (the kid riding with me) is buying the guy's kit for his Reg cab Silvy. He's gonna WHOOP me when he gets that on. And when I get my mom to send me the pictures (I forgot to upload them before I left home) I'll post some of them up too. :cool
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