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Went to Gainesville Wed. night. It was hot, 91 at the start down to 88 by the time I left. The humidity ranged from 76% up to 84% and the barometer was 30.03 down to 29.98 by the time I left. So the air was not good. There were 5 other GTO's there. An 04 A4 with NOS and 4 05's with m6's.
The 04 ran a 12.5 then ran outta NOS part way through the next run 13.6 then no juice was 14.3.
The people I was with were watching the GTO's for me, 1 guy was running 14.7 to 15.2. Very bad driver though. The rest were running from 13.8 to 14.2.
I felt real good with my runs. Best speed was 104.54, best time was 13.255. Worst was 103.8 mph, and 13.653. I've got this car figured out. I had no wheel hop at all. 26 psi on street tires is the number. I'm cutting 2.09 to 2.15 60' times with the stock bfg's. The 04 had Nitto DR's. He cut a couple 1.85's.

Some neat things I saw and cars I raced that have been discussed here.
1) 04 Corvette 8k miles Auto with no mods. Very experienced driver that runs typically 13.5-13.6 on a good day with it. He ran a 14.1 2) 14.0 and 1 13.99.

2) 02 Vette coupe 6m didn't get to talk to the driver so i'm not sure how good he was. 13.6-13.9 It had a Haltech Stinger intake, but looked stock otherwise.

3) husband and wife with a stock 02 Lightning and an 05' GT auto (her car). They raced each other about 6 times. GT was 14.3-14.7 lightning was 14.8- 14.4 and lost everytime.

4) I ran an 03 Lightning with an intake, a pulley, DR's, and a "chip". He ran a 13.275 to my 13.412 My speed was 104.54 to his 100.99. I was really impressed. Those things don't do to good in the heat either.

5) I ran an 04 Cobra that had a tune, full exhaust, DR's and a pulley. He was at 16lbs of boost. He ran a 12.365 at 116.61 and I was at 13.586 at 103.8. Again I was really impressed.

6) Mitsubishi Eclipses that are running large amounts of boost are fast too. I ran one that had a larger turbo a computer and was real high in boost. He ran a 13.717 at 98.95mph versus my 13.653 at 104.34. Again I was really impressed. He beat me 60' 330' the 1/8th and barely at the 1000' mark. I thought I was going to lose to a ricer. Squeaked it out right at the end.

7) I said it before and saw it tonight, a C5 versus a GTO is a drivers race, and with all things being equal, my money is on the GTO.
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