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you have problems heeltoeing because of the width of the gas pedal??
cus that was my problem.... all I did was install a racing pedal to make the stock one wider...

the zip-tie trick is to flatten out the gas pedal... what it does is raise the gas pedal to heeltoe height.. and also gives you a much stabler throtle response...

when your blasting thru a turn sideways throttle response is key for this car..

First lets start with this ... drill a small hole in the back "Fin" of your gas pedal...
place small tie strap inside the hole and around the metal bar under the pedal..

then adjust the tie strap to preferred pedal height...

more then one hole and tie strap can be used if preferred...

Pics of adjusted gas pedal for racing...

Note: my heel never moves from this position... this is professional heeltoe... less time and smoother response...

Now that you have adjusted the pedal height.. you want pedal width... theres a variety of different pedals you can go with .. I have found that Razo makes some of the best ...Example:

Note: this pedal is also "width" adjustable...

Concerned ? : dont worry ... racers have been using zip ties to hold automotive things in place for generations.. mostly all the Drift cars bumpers are all ziptied on .. and NOT bolted... it actually saves the vehicles bumper by ripping totally off the car instead of breaking into pieces..

PS sorry you guys ... I seemed to get KingKongs foot in some of these shots :lol: ....
:willy: :party:

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That is incredible..I am going to go try this right now :cheers
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