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GM Announces Customer GTO.R Details

Customer versions of the Pontiac GTO.R race cars that successfully debuted in this year's GT class of the Grand American Rolex Series are now being offered for sale by GM Racing. Identical to the #64 and #65 Pontiac GTO.Rs that TRG campaigned in the latter half of the 2005 season of the Rolex Series, the cars will be deliverable by December 16th, 2005 and will be available for the Test Days at Daytona International Speedway January 4 through 7, 2006.
"The Pontiac GTO.R has firmly established itself as a strong competitor in the GT class of the Rolex Series," said Mark Kent, director of GM Racing. "After entering the series mid-season, the two TRG cars scored four wins, three additional podium finishes and two poles in eight races.

"We're now offering this winning car to teams at prices comparable to those of other GT class race cars - which means significantly less than comparable professional standard race cars in other series," Kent said. "The Grand American Series concept and rules not only provide extremely close and competitive racing but also enable us to offer this GTO.R package as the basis of a remarkably cost-effective race season for a professional team."

A complete vehicle (excluding engine management and data system) will be offered to customer teams for $275,000 with a required spares package (suspension, body and driveline components) for an additional $100,000.

The race cars will include the following:

Complete chassis systems, including suspension, brakes, steering and interior systems
Penske triple adjustable 8760 series dampers
Cockpit adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
AP Racing endurance calipers and rotors with PFC-01 brake pads
1 set of Fikse 3-piece 11.5" x 18" wheels and 1 set of Hoosier GT tires
Pratt & Miller FIA approved racing seat
Xtrac 399GT 5 speed sequential transaxle with Daytona gear ratio sets
Complete chassis and engine management electrical wiring loom
GM Racing prepared data acquisition wiring loom excluding Motec ADL2 data logger and instrumentation.
ADD IPU-16 Power system
1 set of alignment bars
GM Racing prepared and sealed production-based LS2 engine
o Engine wiring harness for Bosch MS 4.0
o A-plate with scavenge pump drive mounting
o Scavenge pump assembly including cast pan and manifold
o ATI damper with machined hub
o Camshaft sprocket and reluctor rings compatible with Bosch MS 4.0
o Engine control sensors compatible with Bosch MS 4.0
o Fuel rail, coolant and oil fittings compatible with GTO.R vehicle
o Engine to be dyno verified by GM Racing prior to shipment
Customers may supply their own engine management, communications and data systems as well as driver cooling systems and ballast or purchase this equipment from GM Racing at additional cost.

GM Racing will also provide technical support to all approved GTO.R customer teams, including:

Access to all vehicle lab test, track test and vehicle setup information
Access to vehicle performance updates
Distributed engine hardware and calibration support
Distributed chassis engineering support that includes aerodynamic and vehicle setup, data analysis and vehicle simulation assistance


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Not $275K, try $375K, you forgot the "required spares package". But at that price, what's the diff?

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