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slicks didnt help my 60ft any,, got the same 2.0s i got on street tires, stock convertor is just waaaay too tight. While I had some spin off the line with the street tires with the slicks it would just bog down regardless how hard I tried powerbraking it,it just wouldnt stall over 2000.
Humidity was gross ,I was literally fogging up the windows as I drove down the track. Sweating bullets. Its been raining almost all week so that hasnt helped however the rain has brought the temps down a hair bit..

Weather conditions:
Feels Like
Aug 5 07:45 p.m. ET
Wind: CALM
Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 30.05 in.
Dew Point: 73°F
Visibility: 10.0 miles

2004 A4
Stock Predator tune
Xpipe with stock exhaust
Speed inc airtube with stock airbox

Best run:
R/T:050 (550)
60ft : 2.001
mph: 81.81
1000ft : 11.271
1/4 : 13.44
mph : 103.81

getting closer,now I am pretty sure that even without cooler weather
I can get a 12sec run with just a convertor swap.
Not too bad for a 3800lb luxury aports coupe huh..

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Airtube's a fancy word for CAI. It's just the intake pipe but with less bends, smoother inside than stock, less restrictive, etc.

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I personally thought it sounded better than "tube thingy." I agree, it is a big ricerish. Which is why I have a big shiny Edelbrock Performer sitting on my bedroom floor. :cool

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I ran a best of 13.29 in my '99 Camaro SS wth only free mods and a Hurst Shifter. I plan on taking 2 1/10ths off of that time in my only free mods '05 GTO I am going to get. Course that will be with a MN6 which helps a little.
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