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Some of y'all may know me from another forum. Just thought i'd say high here were you're supposed to...didn't see this section right away, sorry.

For those that don't know me, i am in the process of a MAJOR overhaul of my goat. The project's goal was to save cash by buying a 04 with an LS1 and putting in one bad azz LS2 with the money saved. A 04 was picked up for about 10G less than an 05 so that gave a lot of room for upgrades before reaching the even mark.

I wont bore you with the details. The important thing right now is the powerplant. The LS2 is scheduled to hit the engine dyno on the 28th of July. The computer model is showing upwards of 700 HP and that is N/A folks! Yeah, you probably don't believe that could be possible...until the 29th :)

Oh, and i know that you wont see 700 at the wheels and nobody cares about the crank HP, just do the math and you'll get an idea of what WILL be at the wheels. Not too shabby i'd say!

Anyway, HELLO!
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