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I'm not driving a GTO, but the heart is the same... well, sort of. :lol:

For those that haven't seen an SCCA race, it is a bunch of guys that like to track their cars that got a little carried away along the line. I fell off the deep end in Jan 2003 and haven't come up for air yet. :eek:

For those in Texas who might be interested, Friday afternoon is practice, Saturday and Sunday morning are qualifying, Saturday and Sunday afternoon are National races. I'm in group three which should race early afternoon both days.

As I've never driven TWS before, I don't expect much, but I'm anxious just to get back on a track. My wife's family lives in Corpus and they are coming up for the race which is good for my wife and daughters (and thus me). And, I need four races this year to keep my license active before I start a six month training pipeline enroute to sea duty in April and this weekend will get me two. I expect to get two more on March 19-20 at Memphis Motorsports Park.

A link to the track is here:

I should be easy to find if you come out. I'll be near this car. :D

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