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Welcome to the GTO Forums For Sale/For Trade Forum

Mission Statement

The goal in this forum is to provide members with a site where they can sell or trade GTO components and cars in a friendly, safe environment. We try to keep the rules as simple as possible and expect buyers, sellers and traders to adhere to them when they buy, sell or trade here.

The rules will be fluid and may be adjusted at anytime as the need or situation arises. So please revisit this post often and become familiar with the rules before posting. Also paramount here is that the FS/FT forum is an asset to the GTO Forums and in no way will it compromise the site. In other words, if we do this right and act like adults this forum should run itself. That way, the Mods can concentrate on what they should be doing, keeping you informed about the GTO community!

What can I sell here?
  • Anything GTO(LeMans, Tempest) related. If it’s a GTO or a part of what makes your GTO a GTO then you can list it for sale here. We’ll cover a few restrictions on that now.

What can't I sell here?
  • ANYTHING non-GTO related.
  • NO services. Such as offers for repairs, mods or builds etc in this forum.


  • EVERYTHING listed For Sale must have a legitimate price - the exception being For Trade only items.
  • DO NOT list anything FS/FT you don’t currently have in your possession.
    (DO NOT offer to buy something unless you have the money unless agreed upon between the buyer and the seller in advance)
  • DO post pics of your items for sale, they are required.
  • NO posts requesting interest or price checks.
  • NO auction style posts or links to your auction or sale on another site.
  • STAY on topic by keeping thread titles to what you’re selling.
  • NO dealer sales of any type, this is a private forum for individuals.
  • DO NOT post or discuss how to “beat” applicable taxes or shipping tariffs.
  • PROVIDE a complete description of what you’re selling including known issues if any.
  • GIVE your location so everyone can consider shipping.

  • DO NOT bump your own thread no more than once every 24 hours.
  • DO NOT bump another traders threads unless more than 4 hours has passed since the last bump.
  • These times are to allow everyone's items a chance to be on the Home Page.

The Trade:
  • The GTO forum's administrators, moderators are not go betweens and will not get involved in any disputes that may arise.
  • ONE WEEK is the time limit for the buyer to make payment and the seller to ship the item from the date when a sale is agreed unless there is an alternative agreement made.
  • POSTING privileges will be lost if a member does not meet the agreed deadline to deliver items or payment unless an alternative agreement is reached by the buyer/seller. This member will continue to have PM privileges.
    (at any time, we may remove privileges first and ask questions later.)
  • PERMANENT bans from the FS&T forum will be issued for offenders and their names will be listed in this forum.

  • KEEP your post up to date! If you list an item for sale, visit back once a day or mention in your thread your schedule. Use the edit function to modify your original post when needed (contact a Mod if you are having trouble).
  • DO NOT delete your thread or remove all information from it.
  • LEAVE the final selling price on the thread as a guide to others when the sale or thread is completed.
  • ONLY one active FS or Want to Buy (for a total of 2) threads active at the same time.
  • ALL items should be shipped with insurance. As the seller it is your responsibility to get the item into the buyer's hands in the same condition agreed.
  • REQUIRE a signature and delivery confirmation (when applicable) to insure a package isn’t left on someone’s doorstep out of your control. It’s in your best interest.
  • NO premium charges for traders making purchases with Paypal. This is against Paypal terms of service. You may not accept Paypal if you wish.
  • NO contests, raffles or giveaways. If you feel the need to post a thread to help a trader in need, please PM a Mod before posting.
  • ONCE an item is sold, Post SOLD, and a moderator will close the thread.

  • ALL forum rules apply.
  • NO THREAD CRAPPING of any kind! If you feel an item is priced too high or ridiculously low send a PM or keep the comment to yourself. If you think a trader is breaking a rule suggest a resolution with respect. Alternatively contact a Mod by PM.
  • FOLLOW through on your deals! The GTO Forum will not be held responsible if a deal goes sour. Buyer and seller; This is a small community and if you don’t send payment or ship as promised you will not be trading here very long. And when you ship, pack it the way you would want to receive it.
  • NEWBIES: hang around a while and get a feel for things before posting or trying to correct an experienced trader. It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.
  • SEND valid/working Email addresses in a PM when posting FS/FT items. Posting email addresses or other personal information opens yourself up for spamming.

  • BE CAREFUL out there! Trolls and misinformation abounds. Know whom you’re trading with. However, the standard practice is for the buyer to send payment first before the seller sends the items.
  • IDENTIFY where you are shipping from and are willing to ship to: ie Continental or International.
  • GOOD communication is the key to a successful trade, especially if there is a glitch along the way. Keep the thread up to date and respond to all PMs or Emails to let the other buyers know what is happening.
  • REMEMBER much of what you do here is based upon “your word” and it will follow you wherever you trade. So live up to it!

Now Go Out and Trade!
  • THANKS for reading the rules. Good luck selling and finding what you need. This forum will be around as long as we treat it and each other with respect.
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