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Before I get hosed, I have searched this board for information concerning 1967 and 1968 Hurst dual gate shifter recognization and part numbers. I did not find information that answers my question.

Therefore, if anyone could provide me with some information regarding a Hurst dual gate shifter which states HURST DUAL GATE U.S. Patent NO. 3922460 on one side and 5810 on the opposite side, I would be most appreciative. Likewise, I would like to gather some information about a woodgrain face plate, part number 9777902 67208, as well. I have been told this is a 67 GTO faceplate with a 68 GTO shifter assembly and would like to verify this information.

I have enclosed some pictures of the shifter and faceplate in question.

Thank you.

Here are some pictures:

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