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Hello, I am new here. What brought me here was my key being stuck in my GTO, I never researched the problem until one day it just wouldn't turn. I have been trying to get the key to turn for about 2 weeks now. Finally today I went out and messed with it about a half hour and like magic the key just turned for me. I was so happy to finally get it out.

Anyways I got it out, took a dremel to the ramp and got it all greased back up. Then I went to install the tumbler assembly back into the cylinder itself and it will go inside of it - but once inside the tumbler/key will not turn. I have watched videos on this and everyone elses just turns freely from the looks of it once you shove the tumbler back into the cylinder housing. So I can not install the pin or move it freely to where it needs to be.

Anyone else have this problem, or know what I am doing wrong? I feel stupid for having to ask this question but I can not find the answer anywhere. And in case anyone asks, no I did not remove my key from the tumbler assembly.

Thanks for your help!

Edited to add, I posted this elsewhere afterwards:

I am talking about the tumbler/cylinder itself. I read that you could take the key out of the tumbler as long as you kept track of what goes where. So I decided to try it, I took the key out and then pulled out each tab in order on the tumbler. I found without any tabs on it that it would go in the cylinder and turn. I ended up getting one whole side of tabs in and it would still go in and turn. There is just a couple problem tabs, they aren't lining up perfect with the inside of the cylinder grooves made for them.

This may be a very dumb question, but does anyone know if I can just use one side of the tabs in the tumbler, and keep the other side of them out? I mean what do they do anyways...? I am guessing it just keeps someone from starting your car with a screwdriver/ added security. But if it is safe/ and works I would do that until I got the new cylinder housing in. I just don't want to try it until I am sure.

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With the cylinder out of the car and the key installed, all the brass "tabs"
should be flush with the cylinder OD on both sides (centered). It's the only
way the cylinder will turn. If one is sticking out on either end, it's in the wrong spot. Rearrange the placement of the tabs so this is correct.
Make sure you get the springs in and grease the cylinder end.

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