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Hey everyone,

Thank you GM for the 0.0% financing deal on July 4th. Would not have been able to get the GTO without this. I am sure I am not alone as a recent GTO buyer. Anyhow look forward to reading and writing posts here. Thanks - Scott

My girlfriend and I like Pontiacs as shown below:

2006 GTO - Impulse Blue, 6 Speed, 18", Pontiac grilles, black leather (Mine)
2002 Firehawk - Artic White, 6 Speed, SLP Loudmouth, black leather (Hers)
2002 Camaro SS Vert - Artic White, 6 Speed, Bilsteins, black leather (Mine)
1995 Firehawk - Artic White, Auto, Hard top, Bilsteins, tan leather (Hers)
1967 Camaro SS - Green, 4 Speed, LS-7 454, crazy modified (Mine)
1988 Fiero GT - Artic White, 5 Speed, T-Tops, black leather (Hers)
:seeya: - Scott Landis

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Welcome! Nice choice of color! Nice garage too!:cheers
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