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The GTO gallery is working again! :cheers

We offer free GTO picture hosting at GTOforum. Just click on Gallery in the top menu. Then login to the gallery just below the forum login (it is a seperate login but the same username/password. You must login to the gallery to upload pics).

Then just click on upload pics. Browse your computer for the photos and choose the category they should go into.

We don't stop remote linking of images either. As long as our bandwidth bill doesn't go completely crazy I don't mind remote links.

Give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems.

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How to add pictures to your post.

First upload your pictures to the Gallery (Picture Host), you may need to log on to the gallery. Place your picture in the correct section of the gallery.

Once you have successfully uploaded your picture(s) click on the thumbnail picture and expand to full size. Then right click on the picture, click on properties, you will see the address (url). Highligh the URL and select copy.

Paste the URL to your post, highlight the URL and select the picture icon on the tool bar just under the [Size] selection area.

The beginning and end of the url will include [*IMG] and [/*IMG] (less the *)

You can also use this method to add pictures to your signature.

The GTOforum gallery will automatically size your picture for use in a post. If you use another picture host try to keep pictures under 600 pixels wide, larger will distort the thread.
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