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Nordstorms is on crack or something. I wanted to pick up a set of factory tires. On Ebay they were selling them without rims for 400 with a reserve. I wrote them the first time I seen them and asked if they can do any better. I was told NO, sorry. Well no one bid the reserve on them. I then seen them again on Ebay for 400 with NO reserve for a set of 4. I waited until the auction ended with NO bids and wrote them an email. I told them I am interested if they get real. I was then offered a set of 4 with "less than 10 miles on them" for 375. I paid 50 shipping. Got them delivered for 425.00. I checked around before I purchased them and they are expensive.

My local dealer wanted 280 each, various tire places wanted 150 on up for them. I don't think I got too bad a deal for the G-Force Z's.

Nordstorms wanted a fortune for them on ebay. When no one bid they lowered the price on them. They want a mint for the parts they have. Somebody there is hallucinating.

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yellow04gto said:
groucho...does it matter what year are you just looking for replacements

I was looking for a spare pair that I could send out to get smoked without having to remove my set...since she's my daily driver, I need them.

Thanks to your generosity, that's no longer a factor. :cheers
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