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I've owned enough new cars to not get ticked when I got my frist scratch on my GTO, but I was a little ticked yesterday. Sometime between the morning and yesterday evening, I got a couple gouges on the hood resulting in a slight dent. While I'd have no problem writing this off as being at the wrong time behind a dump truck or something, I damn sure would have noticed someting hitting me with the mass that could have done that damage. Besides, from the angle (about 30 deg right of center line), it makes me feel like it must have been something thrown at my car while parked. I hope I'm wrong as I feel it would be pretty ****ty to damage somone else's car just because you are a Ford fan, can't afford it, or whatever.

It would also be a bad thing to have to spend a few years in jail for unloading my Beretta 92F in a punk or blowing their limbs off with my Ruger GP 100 .357(both are loaded with hollow-points), but man oh' man..."F" with my GTO, and its just like messin' with my daughter.

Anyone else have problems with people messing with your GTO?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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